What is Classlink
Classlink is a Single Sign On service that servers as a starting point for all your USD420 provided user accounts.  In addition once you sign into your Classlink site it will remember your passwords allowing you to get into your apps quicker and easier. 

Where do I find it
On chromebooks it's the default page that opens when you launch chrome and/or you can click the classlink button on our district webpage. 

How do I logon and use it
This is what comes up when you visit the webpage.  Click the "Sign in with Google" button.

You will then get a Google Sign In screen.  Sign in using your USD420 email account.

You will then be presented with a list of apps/resources you may have an account for.  From here all you need to do is single click the app you want to use.

Next you will be presented with a logon screen.  Signing on here allows Classlink to save your username/password for future use allowing you to skip this step in the future.  Once you click save on this screen it will automatically sign you in.  

General Tips and/or Additional Features

Update/Delete App Password
If you entered your password wrong OR need to change it for any reason it's very easy.  All you need to do is Right Click the app you need to update and choose "Update Password".  It will then allow you to update or delete the stored password so you can try again. 

Classlink Menu Bar

1) App Library - The app library allows you to add apps to your opening app screen.  This includes USD420 apps as well as public apps provided by Classlink.
2) Search - lets you quickly filter through your classlink apps
3) Edit Mode - lets you fine tune the look and feel of your classlink account
4) Notifications - We don't expect notifications to be used a lot but this is were we could send out alerts of any type. 
5) Help - this is were you can find classlink help
6) Profile - this is where you can edit your user profile.

Classlink MyCloud
The classlink MyCloud is located at the bottom of the opening window.  It's purpose is to allow you to tie multiple cloud storage providers in one place making it easier to find files.

Andy Lohmeyer,
Sep 5, 2017, 2:48 PM