State Assessments

High School

We will begin taking our high school Science state assessments on Tuesday, March 28th and Thursday, March 30th. If your student is a junior they will be taking this test. This test represents how our school and students perform. Please help ensure they get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. 

Middle School

Osage City Middle School will begin taking State Assessments starting in late March and early April.  All students will take Math and ELA Assessments.  8th Graders will also be taking a Science Assessment.  7th Graders have already completed their Social Studies State Assessment this year.  Teachers and students have been working hard to prepare for these assessments all year long.  These assessments are important to our school and show us where we have weaknesses and also our strengths.  The proper amount of sleep, a good breakfast, regular attendance, and a good attitude will be essential to be successful on these assessments.  Please encourage your child to work hard on these assessments so that we get a true measurement of the areas that we need to improve upon as well as the areas that we are doing great at.

Here is the schedule for each grade.

Please do your best to make sure that your student is in school on these days.  We will have make-up opportunities available, but students may miss valuable class time.  Thank you for helping your student and our school be successful.