U.S.D. 420

School Resource Officer


The mission of the SRO Program is the reduction and prevention of school-related violence and crime within the schools and also from outside of the schools. This is accomplished by assigning a Deputy Sheriff to school facilities on a permanent basis. The SRO Program accomplishes this mission by creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. The SRO will establish a trusting channel of communication with students, parents, and staff. The SRO will serve as a positive role model to instill in students; good moral standards, good judgement, and discretion, respect for other students, and a sincere concern for the school community. The SRO will promote citizen awareness of the law to enable students to become better-informed and effective citizens, while empowering students with the knowledge of law enforcement efforts and obligations regarding enforcement as well as consequences for violations of law. The SRO will serve as a resource for students and parents concerning problems they face as well as providing information on community resources available to them. Goals and objectives are designed to develop and enhance rapport between youth, law enforcement officers, school administrators, and parents.

Goals of the SRO Program are:

  1. To work with each school to reduce incidents of school violence and bullying.

  2. To work with each school to reduce crimes committed by juveniles and adults.

  3. To establish rapport with the students.

  4. To establish rapport with parents, staff, administrators and the community in general.

  5. To create, start and/or expand programs with vision and creativity to increase students' participation, which will benefit the students, school district, sheriff's office and the community.

  6. To provide safety for students, staff, and all persons involved with the school district. This includes safety from outside and inside threats.

  7. To provide law based educational lessons and programs to further students understanding of the law and safety.

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